14 Unskilled Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship and How to Apply

The era of needing prestigious certificates or extensive expertise as prerequisites for migrating to the UK and sustaining a livelihood has faded into the past. Are you in search of Unskilled Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship?

In the contemporary landscape, you have the freedom to land in the UK, opt for various uncomplicated roles, and earn a respectable income. The amount you earn is contingent upon the particular service you offer.

Unskilled Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship

This article presents a compilation of 14 Unskilled Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship. It furnishes guidance on where to locate these employment opportunities and the necessary steps to take after securing a job offer. Join us as we embark on a journey into these prospects!

#1. Hotel Receptionist

Average Salary: £15,298 per year

Opting for a career as a UK hotel receptionist is a promising avenue for individuals seeking overseas work without formal qualifications.

With an average annual wage of £15,298, hotel receptionists facilitate guest check-ins, offer amenity information, and address inquiries.

While local language proficiency may be needed in some cases, strong English communication skills are often sufficient for diverse backgrounds.

#2. Fruit Pickers

Average Salary: £29 per hour

The UK is currently in need of more labor, particularly in fruit picking. Fruit pickers earn an average of £29 per hour, making it a lucrative option for seasonal work.

Foreign nationals can apply for a special visa introduced by the British government to become fruit pickers in the UK.

This job involves outdoor work, including tasks like crop harvesting and caring for fruit trees.

#3. Server

Average Salary: £22,174 per year

Servers, often seen in cafes and restaurants serving tourists and English-speaking patrons, can earn an average of £22,174 annually.

As a server, your tasks encompass taking orders, delivering food and drinks, and ensuring customer contentment.

While knowing the local language can be beneficial, proficient English communication skills are typically sufficient to secure such roles.

#4. Au Pair

Average Salary: £22,663 per year

An au pair, functioning as a live-in nanny, can earn an average of £22,663 annually in the UK.

In this role, foreign nationals live with a host family, tending to the children’s needs and aiding with minor household tasks.

While some au pair positions might not involve monetary compensation, host families generally offer lodging, meals, and a monthly allowance.

This position presents a valuable chance for cultural exchange and language acquisition.

#5. Nanny Jobs

Average Salary: £14 per hour

The UK’s need for nannies has surged due to factors like the pandemic and childcare costs.

Nannies can earn an average of £14 per hour, offering crucial childcare assistance to families.

While a formal degree isn’t obligatory, having a genuine fondness for children and basic childcare skills can be beneficial.

#6. Hotel Housekeeper

Average Salary: £23,426 per year

Embarking on a career as a hotel housekeeper in the UK can be fulfilling, boasting an average annual income of £23,426.

Hotel housekeepers bear the responsibility of upholding cleanliness and tidiness in hotel rooms and communal spaces.

Their duties encompass vacuuming, changing bed linens, dusting surfaces, mopping floors, and ensuring bathroom hygiene.

English language proficiency is generally adequate, and certain hotels may not mandate formal qualifications beyond completing one’s education.

#7. Farmhand

Average Salary: £27,316 per year

For individuals who relish outdoor tasks and physical labor, pursuing a role as a farmhand in the UK can be enticing.

Farmhands, often referred to as farm laborers, earn an average yearly wage of £27,316. Their responsibilities usually encompass fruit picking, crop harvesting, tending to livestock, and aiding in farm maintenance.

Having rudimentary knowledge of the local language can facilitate effective communication with fellow farm workers and supervisors, enhancing the work experience.

#8. Cleaner

Average Salary: £10.20 per hour

The cleaning services sector in the UK is expanding, with an anticipated growth of 5.7% in 2023.

Cleaners can earn an average of £10.20 per hour, and they do not necessarily require formal training or a degree.

Cleaners play a pivotal role in upholding cleanliness and hygiene across diverse environments, such as commercial spaces, offices, and residences.

Dedication and a keen eye for detail are indispensable attributes for cleaners to excel in their roles.

#9. Delivery Driver

Average Salary: £11.10 per hour

The UK is currently grappling with a notable deficit of Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers, marked by a reported shortage of 76,000 drivers.

As a delivery driver, you have the potential to earn an average of £11.10 per hour. To qualify for this role, you must possess a valid driver’s license from your home country, along with a driving permit issued by the UK government.

Delivery drivers play a pivotal role in the realm of logistics by transporting goods and products to diverse destinations, thus fulfilling a crucial function in the supply chain.

#10. Bartender

Average Salary: £10.71 per hour

Engaging in a career as a bartender in the UK offers social interaction, with an average hourly salary of £10.71.

Bartenders curate both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for patrons, fostering a convivial and vibrant ambiance.

While particular certifications are not obligatory, possessing knowledge about diverse beverages and adept communication skills constitute valuable attributes for this role.

#11. Barista

Average Salary: £9.98 per hour

The UK’s thriving coffee market, valued at £15 billion per year, offers opportunities for baristas to showcase their coffee-making skills.

With an average salary of £9.98 per hour, baristas serve coffee artistically and creatively.

While formal degrees in beverages are not required, having the ability to make great coffee and provide excellent customer service is essential for success in this role.

#12. Dog walker

The UK is one of the places on earth that considers pets as family, and here’s your chance to earn while you do what you love—dog walking.

Nowadays, people are so busy that they hardly have time for themselves, let alone taking their pets for a walk.

That’s why they really appreciate anyone who can help walk their pets when they can’t do it themselves.

You can make money from it! You can earn around $14 per hour or even more. One of the reasons dog walking is in the frenzy is that you don’t need a certificate to begin, all you need is passion for the man’s best friend(dog).

This makes dog walking a perfect beginners free job, especially for students looking to earn some extra cash.

If you want to find clients who need dog walking services, you can start by doing some research. You can also use social media to let people know about your dog walking service, and that way, you’ll have more pet owners reaching out to you for help.

#13. Caregiver

Salary varies based on role and experience

Caregivers in the UK work in various settings, providing care and support to individuals who need assistance with daily activities.

The salary for caregivers can vary significantly based on the specific role, experience, and employer.

Caregiver roles may involve working with the elderly, individuals with disabilities, or patients in healthcare facilities.

#14. Sales Assistant

Here, you’re paid as negotiated.

Being a Sales Assistant might not sound exciting to everyone, but trust me, it’s a great opportunity! The sales you make can vary depending on where you work, but there are plenty of options to choose from.

You can apply for this job in places like boutiques, supermarkets, computer gadget stores, food stores, and more. It’s perfect for weekends, and you’ll receive a steady paycheck.

The best part is that you might even get tips from happy customers and earn commissions on your sales.

Don’t worry if you have no sales experience. You’ll receive training tailored to the specific type of sales you’ll be handling.

Five Platforms to Find Unskilled Jobs in the UK

Remember to secure these jobs from eligible UK employers before applying for a UK visa.

Some searching is required to find these zero to low-qualification jobs, and there are legitimate platforms to assist you. Here are five such platforms:

5. Indeed

Indeed, a globally renowned and expansive job platform, holds a remarkable repository of more than 250 million monthly visitors and 200 million CVs.

Its intuitive user interface facilitates effortless job exploration, with a variety of filtering choices available.

Indeed encompasses a wide spectrum of industries and job categories, spanning full-time, part-time, remote, and freelance opportunities.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is recognized for its emphasis on company reviews, offering invaluable insights into corporate cultures and working environments.

Job seekers have access to a treasure trove of salary data and benefit particulars, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

Although navigating the site might pose challenges, Glassdoor’s dedication to transparency empowers applicants to make informed and discerning choices.

3. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn, the pioneering professional social network, provides job seekers with a platform to establish connections with prospective employers, colleagues, and peers within their industries.

With a user base exceeding 30 million in the UK, LinkedIn boasts an array of job listings spanning diverse sectors.

Users have the option to leverage their profiles as CVs and apply directly to job openings. Additionally, premium membership grants access to supplementary features.

2. Reed

Reed, one of the pioneering UK-centric job boards, showcases an impressive array of nearly 300,000 job listings spanning various sectors.

The platform’s comprehensive filtering capabilities, encompassing criteria like graduate suitability and work-from-home possibilities, streamline the process of discovering pertinent roles.

Beyond its job listings, Reed extends valuable career guidance and offers educational courses to enhance applicants’ professional growth.

1. TotalJobs

TotalJobs boasts a substantial database of more than 250,000 jobs based in the UK, providing exceptional filtering alternatives that encompass preferences such as commuting distance and desired salary levels.

Job seekers can engage in quizzes to uncover latent skills and obtain tailored salary projections. The platform further includes articles addressing career guidance and well-being, catering to holistic professional development.

What’s Next?

Securing a fitting job offer from a qualified UK employer represents a substantial stride towards relocating to the UK for employment and residency.

However, this marks only a phase in the journey. Following the attainment of a job offer, here’s a concise overview of the subsequent steps essential for a successful migration to the UK:

#1. Identify the Appropriate Visa Type:

Explore different visa options based on your skills and employment requirements.

Standard options include an Innovator visa, a Skilled-worker visa, and an International sportsperson visa.

#2. Apply for the Visa:

Collect the required documents corresponding to your chosen visa category.

Lodge your visa application at a nearby representative office or consulate.

Please note that processing durations can differ.

#3. Relocate to the UK:

You’ll receive a decision and a vignette sticker on your passport upon a successful application. Collect your biometric residence permit (BRP) upon arrival (if applied outside the UK).

#4. Obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR):

Once you have resided and been employed in the UK for a continuous five-year period under a work visa, you become eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

ILR bestows upon you the privilege to reside in the UK without limitations, thereby paving the way for initiating the application process for British citizenship.

Are there job opportunities for farmhands in the UK?

Becoming a farmhand in the UK can be a rewarding career choice, with an average salary of £27,316 per year.

Where should international students look for part-time jobs in the UK?

International students can look for part-time jobs through the career centre at their university, which may have job boards available.

They can also explore for Unskilled Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship via Student Job, Indeed, and Save the Student, which features various job opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students.

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