15 Remote Job Opportunities for Immigrants in Canada

The global demand for remote work has surged due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There are many well-paying remote job positions available, which can become stable, long-term careers. One of the benefits of working from home is that it saves you money which should have been spent on transportation and other office expenses. If you prefer working from home as an immigrant in Canada, then this article is for you! Here, we will share 15 well-paying remote job opportunities in Canada for immigrants, along with other relevant details.

What Skills Do Employers Look for in Remote Workers?

Remote work is quite different from working in a traditional office, and it demands a unique set of skills. Before examining the top 15 remote jobs available in Canada for immigrants, it is important to highlight the essential skills that employers seek in remote workers:

1. Digital Literacy

Working remotely entails using digital tools and platforms for all tasks. It’s important to understand how these tools work and use them efficiently. Additionally, staying updated with evolving tools and their new features is essential.

2. Communication

 Effective communication is important in any job, but it’s even more useful for remote work. Strong communication ensures that you, as well as the entire remote team, are on the same page regarding tasks and timelines, ultimately boosting productivity.

3. Collaboration

 Alongside good communication skills, effective collaboration is vital. Being a team player helps you and your remote colleagues work efficiently together, enhancing overall productivity.

4. Problem-Solving

 Remote work, especially across different time zones, can pose challenges in obtaining quick assistance from other employees. Thus, having the ability to troubleshoot and find solutions independently is valuable.

5. Time Management

 Demonstrating strong time-management skills is essential in working from home. Unlike a physical office, there’s no direct supervision in remote work, making it your responsibility to meet deadlines and achieve results.

6. Agility

Excelling in a remote role requires adaptability and agility. Being able to adjust swiftly to changing circumstances and being open to new approaches is essential for sustained success.

These skills collectively enable you to thrive in a remote work environment, delivering results effectively and contributing positively to your team’s success.

How Much Can You Make As a Remote Worker in Canada?

It has been reported that remote workers in Canada typically earn an average salary ranging from $70,000 to $80,000 annually.

Your potential earnings as a remote worker are directly linked to your skills and experience. The highest-earning remote professionals often boast extensive experience and significant exposure in their field. They have also shown a track record of effective independent management, and team leadership, and possess strong communication and coordination skills.

Many companies reserve the option of remote work for their senior management, consultants, experts, and chief executives. If you’ve reached this point in your career, it’s entirely possible to earn $100,000 or more annually through remote work.

Where Can You Find Remote Jobs in Canada?

Remote job opportunities can be primarily found online. You can explore the following websites to discover remote job openings:

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn serves as a professional hub for individuals seeking career options. Securing a job on LinkedIn requires a robust professional profile, thoughtful posts, and building relevant connections.

2. Indeed

Indeed is another platform offering a plethora of remote job listings. Each day, numerous remote opportunities are posted on Indeed. The site provides insights into organizations hiring remote workers, attractive salary ranges, job locations, and job-specific requirements.

3. Flexjobs

Flexjobs stands out as a premier website for remote job seekers in Canada. It exclusively lists legitimate job openings, ensuring your safety throughout the application process.

4. Toptal

Toptal showcases carefully selected positions that come with competitive salaries. However, proving your competence may involve undergoing a screening procedure.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr offers remote job possibilities by allowing you to create and list services (gigs). Once registered, potential buyers can purchase your gigs. Depending on the professionalism of your offerings and other factors, you could potentially earn substantial income daily.

6. Upwork

Upwork operates similarly to Fiverr, providing a platform to remotely collaborate with clients globally and generate income.

Industries With Highest Percentage of Remote Workers

1. Technology

Percentage of remote workers: 10%

Companies based on technology and the internet have found it quite smooth to shift from on-site to remote work setups. Individuals in this sector generally have ample computer and internet knowledge, making them adaptable to this change.

2. Financial Services

Percentage of remote workers: 9%

Remote job opportunities are also common among financial experts and professionals. Notably, three of the most sought-after remote positions—accountant, account management, and bookkeeping—are from the financial domain, as estimated by Flexjobs. Other roles include financial analysts, consultants, and fintech specialists.

3. Education Sector

Percentage of remote workers: 8%

The significance of remote teaching gained prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting teachers accustomed to physical classrooms to transition to online teaching methods. While remote teaching constitutes a substantial portion of remote jobs in education, various other roles are also available in the field.

4. Manufacturing Sector

Percentage of remote workers: 7%

Although manufacturing might appear far from the realm of remote jobs, it surprisingly includes a share of remote workers. Many remote roles within manufacturing are related to design and consultation aspects.

5. Health Care Industry

Percentage of remote workers: 15%

Contrary to expectations, the healthcare sector offers numerous remote job opportunities. Positions such as health advisors, remote consultants, and virtual medical assistants fall under the umbrella of medical remote jobs. Remote roles for medical coding and billing also exist, often requiring an associate degree, postsecondary certificate, and professional credentials. Additional remote medical positions also include virtual nursing, medical transcribers, remote pharmacists, and medical writers.

15 Remote Job Opportunities for Immigrants in Canada

1. Software Developer or Engineer

Software developers design applications using existing tools and craft computer programs, while software engineers devise tools to create software and handle computer hardware. These roles in software development and engineering stand among the lucratively paid remote employment opportunities. As a developer, your responsibilities might include creating user-friendly programs, testing novel software, and refining existing applications. Regardless of whether you pursue a path as a software developer or engineer, you should possess the following skills:

  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Mathematical skills
  • Programming expertise
  • Attention to detail
  • Effective time management and organizational skills
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills

Engaging in this profession could yield an annual income of up to $120,000, depending on the workload involved.

2. Graphic Designer

If you possess a talent for creating posters, flyers, and visual content, exploring the role of a remote graphic designer could be a fitting choice. As a graphic designer, you have the opportunity to create and design visual materials aimed at specific audiences. Your responsibilities would involve adjusting the layout and design of advertisements, magazines, and more. Using software like Canva, Photoshop, or InDesign, you can create these designs digitally. The perk is that you’re not constrained to an office environment; you can easily design graphics from the comfort of your own home, either for personal projects or on behalf of clients. In the area of graphic design, earnings can reach up to $88,000 annually.

3. Business Development Manager

Working in this remote role can generate high annual earnings. Working in the position of a business development manager involves taking up the responsibility for orchestrating business strategies, client interactions, account management, and achieving productivity targets to enhance profitability. If you boast experience within the business and marketing sphere and excel in customer engagement, this role could be a natural fit. Mastery in driving sales and fostering beneficial business connections is pertinent. As a business development manager, your potential annual income can reach up to $134,000.

4. Data Analyst

Here’s another remote job opportunity available to immigrants. As a data analyst, your role involves assisting organizations in leveraging information and statistics to shape their decision-making. A solid grasp of statistics, mathematics, and programming is essential for effectively fulfilling this position. Data analysts use data to enhance, forecast, and scrutinize a business’s operational effectiveness. The beneficial aspect is the high demand for data analysts, making them sought after by a variety of organizations. You have the flexibility to collaborate with industries aiming to boost their profits.

5. Virtual Accountant

Working as a remote accountant closely mirrors an office-based role, with the difference that you operate from your home. Your responsibilities involve managing financial transactions and carefully maintaining error-free records. Expertise and competence are essential and you are required to possess the following skills:

  • Expertise in bookkeeping
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Organizational skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Sound mathematical abilities
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Effective time management skills

Opting for a remote accounting position opens the door to earning up to $80,000 annually.

6. Virtual Assistant

Here’s another widely sought-after remote job option for Canadians. In the role of a virtual assistant, your responsibilities include overseeing important meetings and timetables, prioritizing emails and calls, organizing meeting materials, and coordinating travel arrangements. The benefit of being a virtual assistant lies in the fact that all these tasks can be accomplished from the comfort of your home, without the need for a physical office presence. Using just a phone, laptop, and essential administrative tools like Microsoft Excel, Zoom, and PowerPoint, you can excel in this role. As a virtual assistant, potential earnings can reach up to $98,000 annually.

7. Content Creator

Numerous young individuals are drawn to this position due to its adaptability and creative nature. If you are creative, dedicated, and enthusiastic, venturing into the field of content creation might be ideal for you. Content creators create videos or craft articles aimed at educating audiences on various subjects. Brands often enlist your services to generate content that elevates their sales potential. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to collaborate with various establishments, provided your creativity enhances their productivity. Interestingly, the role of a content creator doesn’t need a formal office setting; you can effortlessly generate content from the comfort of your own bedroom, provided you possess the essential tools.

8. Digital Marketer

Most organizations aim to generate profits and this drives their interest in hiring individuals to assist in achieving this objective. If you have a sales-oriented mindset, a passion for marketing, and a strong work ethic, you might consider a career as a digital marketer. This field offers many financial rewards and the advantage of remote work, removing the need for you to be present at a physical office. As a digital marketer, your tasks could involve composing emails, engaging in copywriting and content creation, mastering SEO writing, and overseeing social media, among other roles. Your responsibilities could also revolve around enhancing your clients’ online visibility and directing traffic to their websites. With expertise in this field, high annual earnings are possible.

9. Tutor

Immigrants have the opportunity to work as remote tutors without being restricted to a traditional school setting. Regardless of age or subject, if you possess expertise in a specific field, you can start working from home as a tutor in Canada. Leveraging video platforms, you can establish connections with students worldwide and impart your knowledge. Whether you opt for structured lesson plans or program-based instruction, this role accommodates all your teaching preferences. Also, if teaching is a passion of yours, exploring this role might be rewarding. Moreover, your scope extends beyond student education; you can extend your expertise to corporate staff training and consultancy services.

10. Project Manager

Tech-savvy Canadian immigrants have the option to delve into the role of project managers. By organizing and overseeing a range of activities, project managers facilitate the creation of new products and the optimization of operations. Thanks to a plethora of project management tools like Asana, Trello, Zoom, Basecamp, and Microsoft Teams, working remotely as a project manager is highly possible. This is particularly true for industries that have moved numerous job positions to the online space due to the pandemic. While certain collaborative endeavours benefit from in-person interaction, project managers can design hybrid strategies that blend face-to-face collaboration when necessary, using conference rooms or rented spaces, and remote collaboration when circumstances allow. Furthermore, the emergence of web conferencing solutions, birthed by the COVID-19 pandemic, offers virtual meeting alternatives with many of the same benefits as in-person meetings.

11. Customer Service Representative

Remote environments are particularly suited for customer service roles due to various reasons. A home setup that is properly arranged can be less disruptive and more comfortable compared to a bustling office with numerous customer service representatives. Cloud computing and online communication have enabled comprehensive customer service through remote or hybrid arrangements. Equipped with only a stable and fast internet connection and a computer, customer service reps can manage tasks via chat, email, or phone. Platforms like Slack and cloud-based team management software facilitate easy communication with supervisors or colleagues, preventing remote workers from feeling alone in the execution of various tasks.

12. Translator

If you’re proficient in two or more languages, becoming a translator could be an excellent work-from-home option in Canada. As a translator, your role involves converting written content, such as blog posts, articles, white papers, and academic journals, from one language to another. On average, translators can earn approximately $28 per hour, though the rate can vary based on the languages you work with. Remote translator positions are offered by companies such as Lionbridge, Indigo Books & Music, and Dormez-vous.

13. UX Designer

In a market flooded with products of similar features and pricing, the user experience often becomes the distinguishing factor. UX designers specialize in creating exceptional user experiences for websites and applications. As a UX Designer, you can expect around $36 per hour on average, although experienced designers can earn over $100 per hour. Companies like Brafton, HRS, BrandMaker, and Kyndryl Canada are known to hire remote UX Designers.

14. Transcriber

Being a transcriber stands as a promising work-from-home opportunity in Canada. In this role, you’ll convert spoken content into written text. This involves listening to recordings and typing out the spoken words. You can work as a general transcriber, or if you possess specialized skills or industry knowledge, you can focus on transcribing within those fields, leading to higher earnings. Transcribers typically earn around $25 per hour. Transcription positions are available at companies like GoTranscript, TranscribeMe, and Rev, which operate through online transcription platforms.

15. Proofreader

As a proofreader, your responsibility entails reviewing and correcting grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors in writers’ texts. This task is usually performed before publishing blog posts, articles, or other written pieces. Given the high rate of content generation on the internet, proofreaders are in high demand, making this a desirable work-from-home job. Proofreaders can earn around $25 per hour initially, with potential earnings increasing to $45 per hour with experience. Proofreading opportunities are available at companies like Quad, Multiplymii, and Burkhart. Similar to writers, you can also offer freelance proofreading services.

Applying for Remote Work as an Immigrant in Canada

Now that we’ve examined the skills sought after by employers in remote workers, let’s explore how to enhance your chances of securing such a position. You should consider these tips for increasing your chances during the application process for remote work:

1. Determine your Job Preferences

Begin by defining your job preferences and checking whether remote work is right for you. You can consider factors like salary, benefits, leave, and more. While this doesn’t directly increase your job prospects, it streamlines your job search by removing roles that don’t align with your preferences.

2. Research Roles and Organizations

 Once you’ve identified your specific criteria, delve into researching roles and companies that align with your needs.

3. Check out your Skills Set

After conducting thorough research, you’ll have a clear understanding of the skills necessary not only for application but also for potential job success. These skills involve both soft and technical skills, including those vital to remote work.

4. Optimize your Resume

Knowing the required skill set, tailor your resume accordingly. Keep in mind that remote positions differ from traditional office roles, leading companies to assess applicants using different criteria. Tailor your resume to emphasize your qualifications, ensuring alignment with the job prerequisites. Furthermore, showcase your competencies and expertise, illustrating how they can contribute value to the organization.

5. Prepare for the Interview

As you approach the interview phase, make adequate preparations. Given that remote positions involve remote interviews, make sure your gadgets and devices are functioning properly to prevent technical glitches during the interview. Practice specific techniques and address possible remote interview questions to enhance your readiness for the actual interview.

Working from Home as an Immigrant in Canada

Working from home is quite different from being in a regular office, so here are some tips to help you do a great job. Here’s how you can work effectively:

1. Start Early

When you start working early, you can finish your tasks on time and get more done. Sometimes it’s tempting to stay in bed, but that can lead to putting things off all day. Try to begin your work in the morning.

2. Act Like You are in an Office

 Pretending you’re at an office might make you work better. Wear comfy work clothes and sit at a table as if you’re in an office. This can help your brain feel like it’s time to work, just like at a regular job.

3. Pick a Spot

 Even at home, you can make your own office space. Choose a spot where you’ll work every day. Doing this can help you get things done more efficiently. However, it is advisable not to work on your bed as it can limit the level of your productivity throughout the day.

4. Work Outside Sometimes

If being at home isn’t good for you, you can work at coffee shops, libraries, or parks. Changing the scenery can make work more interesting and keep you from getting bored.

5. Work When You are Most Productive

 Everybody has different times when they work best and are most productive. Figure out when you’re most productive and stick to that schedule. Planning your work time around your most productive times can help you get a lot done.

6.  Make a Plan

Planning your day helps you be effective. Some people forget to plan even if they have work. Making a to-do list can be really helpful. You can change it a bit if needed but try to follow it each day. This step would enhance your productivity throughout the day.

7. Take Breaks

If you can not focus for long, take breaks. Listen to music, go for a walk, or do something else you like. You can also play a game or visit a friend briefly. This helps your brain relax after working a lot, and you’ll be more productive afterwards.

8. Join a Remote Group

Many online groups are for people who work from home. It’s nice to talk to others doing the same thing and learn from them. You might even find new job opportunities or connections.

9. Less Social Media

Social media can distract you from work. Scrolling through Instagram or Twitter takes time away from being productive. Some phones have features to help you focus better. Set a timer to limit your time on these apps so you can get more work done.

Remember, these tips can make your remote work better. You should give them a try and see what works best for you!

4 Remote Companies Based in Canada

The following are some of the many remote companies based in Canada:

1. Bench Accounting

 Bench Accounting, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, aims to simplify entrepreneurs’ financial management and tax preparation by combining software with real bookkeepers.

2. Dooly

 Also based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Dooly initially emerged as a tool to streamline salesforce updates for businesses. It has since evolved into a platform that assists sales teams in successfully closing more deals.

3. Ecobee

Situated in Toronto, Ontario, Ecobee specializes in developing a range of smart devices designed for both residential and commercial buildings. The company has an accomplished team of engineers and developers driving its innovations.

4. Wealthsimple

 With a goal to empower everyone with financial independence, Wealthsimple operates with a remote-first approach. This Toronto-based company has over 600 employees who have the flexibility to work from any location across Canada.


You don’t have to work in a regular office to earn a good salary, even if you’re new to Canada. There are many jobs you can do from home, and this article explains where to find them, the kinds of jobs available, and tips to do well while working from home among others. Following our guidelines would help you land your dream remote job in Canada!

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